Trade Aaron Jones for Swift and Mike Williams?

Have a 1/2 point PPR league with bonus points for 100 rec or rushing yards and at 10 catches. being offered swift, Mike Williams and Jamal Williams for Aaron Jones and David Johnson. Have Dionte Johnson, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Antonio Brown as my WR - we start two WR and two Flex so all 4 start for me. I would be the one trading Aaron Jones.

Mike Williams is looking like a low WR1 / high WR2 all year. He is on a contract year and I think he will continue to put up fantasy value all year. What about another WR and Jamal Williams for Aaron Jones and David Johnson. Who else do you have for RBs?

I would be getting Williams… I am trading Jones.

I have Robinson, Hines and David Johnson. getting Swift and Jamal Williams would be me J Williams as a flex in good matchups as well.

I would not give up Aaron Jones. That is just me.

I am thinking along those same lines. Mike Williams is the only reason I am even entertaining this. He has been so good and would pop right at the top of my WR group with Ridley being so bad so far. But I am inclined to just roll with what I have.

I am not seeing the incentive to trade away Jones here. I’d pass on this one.

How many RBs do you start? I think you strengthen your roster and gain more value by adding Swift and Jamaal Williams at RB and Mike Williams at WR than you would by staying with what you have. Since you start two flex positions, it would definitely give you more flexibility each week. I understand not wanting to give up a player like Aaron Jones and you’re taking a big risk if you do, but I think Mike Williams is more valuable to you than Jones is when you consider your other receivers are Dionte Johnson, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Antonio Brown.

The season is barely a month old and three of your receivers have already missed a game - Johnson and Jones, due to injury, and Brown because of COVID - but I can’t imagine any of the three being consistently reliable each week even if they stay healthy, especially if you’re starting all four of your WRs. Ridley has been relatively disappointing but he’ll get it together eventually. Even though the other three are capable of having a monster game, I would feel comfortable starting any of them each week.

Antonio Brown will probably have more big games than Jones or Johnson but he’s the third best receiver behind Evans and Godwin and probably the fourth option behind Gronk - though he’s probably a little more valuable while Gronk is hurt.

That offense in Tennessee Is built around Derrick Henry and the run game, which kind of limits the number of opportunities Jones is going to have to make any real impact in a game. Those opportunities are capped even more when you look at how much Henry has been involved in the passing game

Dionte Johnson might see the most targets of any of your receivers but that offense in Pittsburgh is absolutely terrible. They might throw the ball 50+ times a game but Big Ben might be the worst QB in the NFL. Johnson is Ben’s favorite target when he does throw but that offense might be historically embarrassing.

As for RB, Robison has posted 20+ FPPG in back to back games. I’d be willing to bet he becomes the primary focus in that offense with as much as Lawrence has struggled. I wouldn’t be surprised is Hines finishes with better numbers than Johnathan Taylor when all is said and done. Wentz is pretty awful and it’s looking like they’ll be trailing more often than not, which probably means more riches for Hines since he’s their receiving back.

Jones is likely to finish as a Top 5 back in fantasy but I could just as easily see him finishing outside the Top 10 as well. He’s averaging less than 4 ypc on 40+ attempts but also has 3 receiving TDs. He’s obviously a player you’d rather hold onto but he could also be a victim of his team’s success - i.e. being pulled from a game they’re winning big, or sitting out games at the end of the season to prepare for the playoffs, etc.

At least with Swift and Williams gamescript isn’t going to really matter - they’ll get touches whether Detroit is winning or losing. Mike Williams is having a career year and has one of the better QBs in the league throwing to him.

Putting out a lineup of Swift and Robinson at RB, Ridley and Williams at WR and then some combination of Hines/J. Williams/Jones/Brown/Johnson at flex depending on match ups probably has more value than starting those four WRs with Jones and Robinson at RB. Who are your QB and TE?

I think you analysis is spot on. Your points are many of the things that I had thought of when considering this trade. My Qb’s are Hurts and Carr and TE is Kelce with Goedert as my back up. so I am good at those positions.

Did you make the trade?