Brian Robinson Possible Debut

This rookie won the starting RB spot in camp but was shot a few times in a robbery attempt. He worked his ass off and could/should be available this week playing at home.

Fans in DC have fallen in love with the kid and if and when he plays the stadium will erupt. If the OL does not block for him they will be in a world of trouble with their fans. Should be fun to watch.

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As I understand it, his ass was shot off, not worked off.

I have him in one of my deeper money leagues, so I would love to see Robinson come in and tear up the NFL.

You know there’s a “but”, coming, right?

I have to see how Robinson does in his debut first. It could just be a warmup for him, or they might toss him to the wolves. We’ll see. If I get a major injury to one of my other starters, I’ll consider Robinson, but he’s on my bench for now.

I have to put him up for trade after my deal. Do not want to bur no choice I can see. Just have to avoid Zak. :slight_smile:

How about Dotson for Robinson? :upside_down_face:

You can be OVERLY annoying but, I’ll get back to ya. lol

Trade winds are howling here in Miami. HOWSZABOUT I give you Hollywood Brown and Brian Robinson for Gabe Davis OR, behind door #2 is Burks with Robinson for Bateman?

I would suggest door #1.

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I sent you a trade offer for Robinson. If you don’t like it, send me a counter.

Ed, in all due respect, I question your definition of equality in trade after my earlier offer and this one. I would pay you to keep Hollins.

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As I said, give me a counter. I’m always willing to negotiate.

There. I threw you a different trade offer.

Robinson and Burks for G Wilson could work but no one else on your roster I have interest in.

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My only problem is I don’t like Burks. Nothing against him as a WR, just his situation in Tennessee isn’t ideal. Pick somebody else? I’m not against trading Wilson.

As you know I cut Samuel and no way in hell I trade to get him back. My offer is the only one making any sense to me.

I have no one else I would trade in this deal. I would just as soon wait for something else from a different manager to come into play, which I believe it will.

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How about this one? Jeudy and Wilson for AJ Brown and Robinson?

Comical. Will talk tomorrow.

Guys, just a heads up, I have offers pending with five different managers. So, will likely not be able to finalize another deal until hearing from them by early afternoon.

Make that six. :grimacing:

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Count me out. I’m not going into a bidding war over an unknown quantity like Robinson.

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