What "risky" WR are you willing to take a chance on?

Some RB needy teams have expressed interest in my Locket or Dotson, packaged with a RB like Dalvin Cook.

Right now, I can acquire two of the following: Christian Watson, Doubs, London, Juedy, Addison.

Of that group, who do you think is the best to gamble on being a nice WR2 with upside to throw out with AJ Brown every week.

Not sure if it helps, but one team has Breece Hall and Doubbs/Watson.

So that trade is probably Lockett/Cook for Doubbs/Watson

Other team would be Cook/Lockett for Jeudy/Addison

Could also be Dotson instead of Lockett.

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I know this runs against conventional wisdom, but I kind of like the Watson/Doubs pairing. Watson was good last year, and Doubs has showed he can be the alpha in Green Bay. Watson has the most upside, but Doubs seems like he has a higher floor.

Do NOT trade Dotson! He is one of the few value plays in Washington.

Thanks. My RB room is as follows:

Chubb, Robinson Jr, Kelley, Moss, D Cook, Bigsby, Gainwell (IR)

Team that I would be trading with is destroyed by WR injuries and weak all around.

I would be giving them D Cook/Lockett for Doubs/Watson.

Only potential issue is if Andrews is out I have to drop someone for a TE or if I decide to keep someone I will have to do same. I am DYING on the Eli Moore hill for now so I would probably drop Bigsby or Moss.

Why would he give away both viable Packers’ WRs for 1 WR and 1 RB if he was “destroyed by WR injuries”–wouldn’t he value WRs more than RBs at this point?

Joys of a rec league, LOL.

With Watson out, he’s open to handcuffing Breece w/ Cook and can start Lockett.

He had Lockett last year and I think its name recognition.