Swift for D.Adams

Swift for D.Adams? Fair trade offer?
12 team re-draft team and I have injuries to Godwin and Tee Higgins…

B/U RB is Stevensen and Pollard, so I like my depth if one can step up.

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And follow up - Debow Samuel as option #2??

It’s a fair trade offer, but you may be overestimating your RB depth if it consists only of backups Stevenson and Pollard.

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I agree with Ax Elf. Without Dak, Pollard and the DAL offense will struggle against stacked boxes. Furthermore, if you watched any of the MIA vs NE game last week you would have seen how awful the NE offense was. I cant trust a RB in committee with Matt Patricia as the play caller. Keep Swift and look for a WR on the waiver wire. They are much easier to find than a RB


Remember what we saw on Sunday: Jamaal Williams was getting the majority of goal line touches. I thought I heard it was 3-1 over Swift? (correct me if that’s wrong)

If true, Swift will give you great yards, and good PPR (you didn’t say if this was a PPR league or not). Speaking of PPR, I looked at my PPR league: Swift got 26.5 points, and Adams got 29.1. If you can get Adams, you will already be better off. Even in half-PPR, it’s close: Swift 25, Adams 25.1.

I feel it’s safe to say Stevenson and Pollard are better than injured Godwin and Higgins, so this is a good trade to make.