Mixon Trade Offer

12 team .5ppr

An owner has been pretty active in trading for my Mixon. He’s offering Chubb and Antonio Brown for Mixon and a WR. Mixon is a top 5 RB this season and seems like a downgrade for me at RB, Would you trade away MIxon? His stock is the highest right now and would be willing to trade if it improves my team. The other team’s weakness is at WR and I have depth there. Based on his aggressiveness to acquire Mixon I could probably ask for almost anyone. Thoughts?

Players I am interested in from other manager: Godwin, Antonio Brown, Henderson, JRob, Corey Davis, Sony, Chubba

current roster
QB - Murray
WR - Kupp
WR - Shepard
RB - Cook
RB - Mixon
TE - Waller
Flex - Davonte

IR - Cohen/Gallup

Make the deal Godwin and Chubb for Mixon and Golladay.

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With Mixon’s injury history, it seems like a good opportunity to remove some risk from your RB corps.

I wouldn’t recommend giving up a top-tennish WR like Golladay in the deal, but if he’ll give you Chubb and Godwin for Mixon and Juju or Shenault, I would take that and run.

I appreciate the advice guys. Thank you

Golladay top 10? He won’t even finish the season, without missing a game…or 10…or all.