McLaurin vs. Metcalf

I have come across the choice of Terry McLaurin or D.K. Metcalf in mock drafts, and I must confess to being kind of stumped. They are neck and neck in my rankings.

It is easy to argue Metcalf as the more talented of the two, but McLaurin’s situation in Washington screams “monster opportunity” with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Any thoughts?

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That’s a close call, indeed. I’d probably lean towards Metcalf. While I do believe Fitzmagic will play the best season of his long career, I still see the overall passing volume a little higher with the Seahawks.

So while McLaurin’s share of the target cake may be a bit bigger, the overall cake is bigger in Seattle. I have Metcalf down with a 22.5% target share in SEA, and McLaurin with 27,5 in WSH. Still, Metcalf is slightly ahead in my WR ranking.

Metcalf’s upside is the possibility of earning a greater target share. McLaurin’s upside is Washington passing more and better than projected.

I don’t think there is a wrong decision here.

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