Little Trades for Lunch Money

I have made a few small trades this off season that could make a difference.
I have a strong, young roster and added some vet insurance in Henry for a 6,
Keenan Allen for an 8 and Marquis Brown for an 8.

Henry needs no defending and Brown will be a #1 if Hopkins planned trade happens. Allen is 31 and added him after reading this info from Derek at FP…

When Keenan Allen was healthy, he looked like the player we have loved for many seasons in fantasy. He was limited to ten games played. In Weeks 11-18, Allen was the WR4 in fantasy points per game, commanding a 26.5% target share (15th) and a 34.9% air yard share (19th) with 2.24 yards per route run (18th, minimum 25 targets). Overall Allen posted his highest yards per route run since 2018 (2.32), so there are reasons to be optimistic despite his advancing age (30) that he still has 1-2 more top 24 seasons left in him. Allen should be a volume hog again in 2023.

Derek Brown - FantasyPros

This did surprise me. The Elders are still kickin ass. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sold on Allen, especially not with Q in town now. Truth be told, Q is more of a threat to Allen than he is to Mike Williams.

As for ANY Cardinals WR’s, remember, Murray will miss the start of the season, leaving Colt McCoy as their best QB. McCoy is an ok QB, but…nuff said.

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The elders were kicking ass last year. That says little about this year. Recency bias rarely is a good advocate in fantasy football.

I don’t know how often I saw fantasy managers chasing superstars of yesteryear, hoping that they will defy age and keep performing on the same level they did in recent years.

It’s not that it never happens. But the disappointments outweigh the positive surprises easily 10 to 1.

Technically, Henry for a 2nd and a 6th. The 6th to me for trading him to you, and the 2nd to keep him.

Doesn’t look like it will happen though. And the Cards passing offense doesn’t excite me. They ranked 4th in pass attempts, but only 18th in passing yards. As a result, they were dead last in yards per completion, and also only 24th in passing TDs. And I don’t see things getting a lot better for the Cards this year.


Agree Zak, it is rolling the dice. However, for me it is just insurance. Henry is my 5th RB and Brown or Allen my 5th WR. I’m not really counting on them but they can help, depending on how this season goes. We should know more by August.

True story, you do free up your 2.01 pick and I get to keep Henry while dropping Lamb a few spots in keeper cost and free my 2nd in 2024. Good deal for both.

Cards passing aside, Brown was very good before Hopkins came back. Allen is an option I added in case the deal does not happen. Kinda covered my ass. :slight_smile: