Crazy Trade or Not?

I traded Henry and A Rogers for Kelce, St Brown and Ed-Helaire.

This was for the team I rook over in Dynasty with no talent other than Mahomes and Henry. Rebuild is a nightmare with 3 man bench, TE’s are WR’s and max 2 RB’s. I replaced half the team from waivers on day 1 and was easy,

I e mailed all 14 teams and made 4 trade offer on Henry with the only replies this offer and Zeke and E Moore (he was serious lol). You see my dilemma.

I have to forget most of what I know to rebuild in this format and was very concerned of Henry’s health,

Crazy or the right move under circumstances?

It makes sense in the Dynasty format, which only reinforces my disdain for the Dynasty format.

Any format that makes trading Derrick Henry away prior to the 2022 season seem like a good idea is not one in which I want to play.

Based on the advice you give here, I am not surprised you prefer formats that give you a fresh start every year.

I openly admit that bias when giving advice, too. Many times I simply don’t answer Dynasty trade questions, because I have no frame of reference for them.

To me each year is different. I hate being locked into a guy for 5 years only to have him traded to Houston or something. I hate trying to gauge the value of Derrick Henry’s historic 2022 season on my own rebuilding team against the two #1 picks in 2023 I could get for him from the guy trying to take the title this year.

If you want to know the standings at the end of the current season, Axe Elf is your huckleberry.

If you want to know the standings at the end of the 2025 season–or even next season, for that matter–Axe Elf has no idea.

We all have our individual preferences. You will never hear me commenting on auction leagues. Never played them, so I have no idea what prices players usually go for. Can’t even say I don’t like the idea. Just simply never played it.

Dynasty is my preferred format, though I rarely plan for more than 2 seasons ahead. What is true is that, if you want to be successful long-term, you need to sell players at peak value. At least RBs, due to their short shelf life.

Huckleberry Hound?

“Most of his short films consisted of Huck trying to perform jobs in different fields, with results that backfired.”

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Once you go auction, you never go back.

I do see the appeal. Maybe next year.

I am not crazy about CEH, and this has nothing to do with me being a Raiders fan. If he wasn’t on the Chiefs, I wouldn’t want him. If the Raiders acquired him somehow, I’d scream at a picture of Mark Davis. It isn’t that CEH is terrible, just that he is highly overvalued. He is mediocre.

To me, CEH is the definition of “fantasy benchwarmer”, the kind of guy you never play and only trot him out in the case of bye weeks and injuries.

As for the rest of the deal, Kelce is still a top tier TE, but he is getting older so better plan to replace him sooner than later. St. Brown is a good WR, so the deal isn’t a total loss.

Honestly, I’d have tried for draft picks for Henry and Rodgers, even if they were next year. It might delay your rebuild by a year, but next year’s draft is supposed to be one of the best.

That wasn’t as bad as you think. For me, Zeke and Henry are a wash at this point, and Elijah Moore is a young stud WR. Trading old Aaron Rodgers for a young stud WR makes a lot of sense, especially in dynasty. 2 years from now, Moore will still be churning out points, while Rodgers will be retired and Henry and Zeke will be Ravens backup RB’s!

Pick trades are not allowed. I would have jumped. CEH was a throw in. No way in hell was I getting a 3rd WR. Big picture, I got Stevenson and Jacobs off waivers with Akers taken before me. Boyd was top WR and was taken first.

I now have a better chance of value for Kelce than Henry.

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In a dynasty league? Wow. They are the most traded commodity in both my dynasties. Why would a league not allow to trade them?

Yeah Zak, no trade, no rookie draft, no TE, diminished RB and a 3 man bench.
I had no idea what I was getting into. I do love a challenge but Man.

Best of luck on your double dip drafts.

No rookie draft?? So rookies just go on waivers?
That’s the craziest dynasty setup I’ve heard.

Right back atcha! First one went alright.

Z, I should not be here but gave my word to help out. What a nightmare, As I said, you have to forget what ya know and go from scratch.