Laviska Shenault

Opinions on Shenault’s hype being real or not? I could move him and 2022 picks for DJ Moore. Generally proven production is better and I don’t trust urban meyer. Trevor Lawrence is going to support some great receivers in his career though. SO, how real is Laviska’s talent? What confidence do ya’ll have in him?

If you don’t need production this year, I’d sit on Shenault. But if you can get Moore, and you think you can win this year, I’d do it.

I just traded gaskin, shenault, a 22-2 and a 23-1 for Mclaurin. I didn’t love the deal but don’t trust Meyer to use shenault right and gaskin could be great or a jag this year.

Not crazy about losing Gaskin, unless you have better rb’s. However, Terry Mac is definitely a monster upgrade over Shenault.

Yeah, gaskin was the rb12 in ppg but he is my rb5 in that league behind CMC Akers swift and Gibson so he was a luxury and I may have lost that trade but Ahmed or even Doaks could take that backfield bc Miami doesn’t care about contracts or draft capital just the best rb on the field.

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You’re fine at RB. Terry Mac is the way to go for you!

Laviska is definitely talented, but I’d move him for DJ Moore if I can. I’m more excited about Chark than I am Shenault.