Trade Away - Myles Gaskin or Damien Harris?

Dynasty SFLEX half-PPR.

On RB, I have Ekeler (LAC), Jacobs (LV), Gaskin (MIA), Harris (NE), Carter (NYJ) and Salvon Ahmed (MIA).

My idea is to try and trade for Travis Etienne, as his owner now seriously needs a startable RB, whereas I could afford to keep Etienne on IR for a year.

Whom would you rather trade away - Myles Gaskin or Damien Harris?

I’d rather trade Harris. He’s mired in an RBBC, whereas Gaskin has been good when he isn’t hurt.

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Yeah, I’m leaning towards Harris as well. Also since I have Gaskin hedged with Ahmed, in case of injury or unforeseen struggles.

I wouldn’t rule out a RBBC approach in Miami as well, but I see Gaskin as the pass catching back, which certainly adds a lot to his value.

Now, the next question is how desparate the Etienne owner is. Only one way to find out. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, also in the QB thread. Much appreciated!

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Glad to help, always!

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