Latest dynasty trade: Osborn and Schultz for Okonkwo

My latest dynasty trade: KJ Osborn and Dalton Schultz for Chig Okonkwo.

I see this as two declining assets for one upside asset.

Osborn’s production is threatened by the Vikings addition of Jordan Addison.

Schultz was more of a product of Dallas’s offense. He was never a great TE. With him in Houston now, it’s hard to see him matching his Dallas production.

Okonkwo has some talent, and his upside is unknown. I’m not in love with the Tennessee passing game, but it’s better than Houston.

Feel free to tell me I did the wrong thing.

It sounds like you already know, and I wouldn’t want to rub it in.

Feel free to explain why?

Well, outside of the obvious concern of being at least the third receiving option on a run-first team, this article calls the Chigger a “touchdown-dependent streaming option” and recommends that you draft Dalton Schultz instead.

I’m willing to call the TE swap a push in a dynasty league, but then you threw in Osborn as well.

I thought you knew?

Osborn is a non factor. Schultz could be a safety net this year but no upside. I traded him for a 7 and was glad to get it.

I’m not a big fan of Oko but worth the shot. Easy choice for me to take your side of the deal.

A “non-factor” who inherits Thielen’s role as WR2 in one of the more prolific passing offenses in the NFL.

What game are you playing again?

Play in a league, win something and then talk to me. Until then you waste my time and all others you laughingly try to advise knowing nothing. LOL


Almost like you don’t know who you are talking to or something…

Seems like you two need to battle it out in a league. Lucky for you I have two spots available in mine. :upside_down_face:

Not a great trade, but not a terrible one, either.

Osborn should see his best year yet. Yes, Addison will replace him at one point. But this year already? I wouldn’t bet on it. Osborn could be the WR2 in Minny, which could easily make him a top 30 WR, or better.

Schultz is a bit of a wildcard. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sours in Houston. Wouldn’t be surprised if he just went on like he did in Dallas, either. Stroud will struggle with deep passes in his rookie year and might resort to a safety valve rather often. If the Texans then decide to deploy Schultz as a receiver rather than a blocker, he could flourish.

Okonkwo - I have him in several leagues. Yet still, I’m not sure I buy into the hype just yet. Yes, he’s talented. But that alone doesn’t help a TE for fantasy purposes. He needs to be targeted, and we are yet to see how many targets that Tennessee offense will generate, and what Chig’s share will be. Will I sell him? No. Am I convinced he’ll become a top 10 TE? Another no from me.

I can see him becoming the best of the TEs that are not worth trading for.

Or he’ll become top 5. Then you made a great deal. With only 2023 in mind, I’d say your team lost value, though.

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Osborn was very hot and cold last year, even when Thielen was out. But when Osborn was cold, he was VERY cold! I’m talking bad TE cold!

During the fantasy playoffs (weeks 14-17), he gave you an average 15+ FFP per game. That’s Amon-Ra St. Brown territory. True, KJ doesn’t do that all season long. Still, he’s the kind of player I have on my bench in almost every league. You only start him when you have to. But when you do, there’s a fair chance he’ll give you solid points.

Disagree on Osborn. I checked with the front page and they think worse of him than I do with a rank of 211. PFF and CBS all agree. It is possible we are all wrong but I do not like the odds of that happening FWIW

Throughout 2021, most sites (this one included) didn’t even have Osborn ranked. As in: his name did not appear at all in weekly, ROS and dynasty rankings.

He finished the season just barely outside of WR3 territory, as #38 WR.

After the 2021 season, the analysts at least began to acknowledge his existence, but still ranked him well outside the top 100. He finished the 2022 season at #45 WR.

So you will have to forgive me if the front page rankings won’t change my assessment on Osborn. Analysts have been sleeping on him for 2 straight years.

He has a chance of seeing more targets this year, unless Addison soaks up all of Thielen’s volume. And even then, I don’t see why Osborn wouldn’t finish in the WR4 range yet another year, embarrassing the analysts for a third time in a row.

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I would even say in the low WR3 range (WR30-36)–but it will likely be frontloaded because of his role early in the season, with diminishing returns as Addison becomes more acclimated. But through October, yeah, Osborn would be startable in most 12 team leagues and at least worthy of flex/bye depth in the rest.

If not them then me. This is the first time I have Osborn as a non factor. The others just happen to agree here.

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I happen to agree with you here, hence why I traded him. I had him last year, and he was barely playable. He could be great, or disappear completely. And there were more disappearances. Addison just makes Osborn even more tradeable.

Last ear Osborne had 650 and 5 scores behind an aging Theilen. Addison will be better and they have Hockenson all year. I would not take him for free.

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