Who would u start week three

Hi guys and thanks always for suggestions

Half PPR

Start Bengals at Jets or Chargers vs Jags

Which RB 2 is best **start : **

****Carter vs Bengals ****
Stevenson vs Baltimore
AJ Dillon at Tampa

Lastly one flex

****D Moore vs Saints **
****C Samuel vs Eagles ****
G Wilson vs Bengals

Thanks guys and good luck

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Chargers, Carter and Samuel (Wilson would be ok, but you probly won’t get big games out of Wilson AND Carter at the same time, and Carter is definitely the RB2 play).

Chargers over the Bengals.

Carter over Stevenson over Dillon.

Last question is trickier. I’d probably roll with Curtis Samuel. Garrett Wilson was good last week, but I’d like to see a bigger sample size before I’d recommend him. Moore could also be good vs the Colts, but given his performance so far, that would be quite the gamble.

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Thanks so much

I have to agree with ALMOST everything @ZakHH said, except:

Zak is right in saying it comes down to Samuel versus Wilson, But after watching what the Eagles did to the Vikings, especially Justin Jefferson’s stat line (6 for 12, 48 yards), you have to worry what mere mortals like Curtis Samuel might do against them? I’d take my chances on Garrett Wilson against the Bengals, whose defense has failed to impress much this year. Ceedee Lamb had a good day against them, going 7 for 11, 75 yards and a td (plus 6 rush yards). Based on raw “coming out of college talent”, I’d rate Wilson as least as good as Lamb, and arguably better.

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Thanks guys! Then wont the safer play be D Moore playing the saints . QB sucks but maybe safer floor compared other two ?

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DJ Moore is WR40 so far this season. That is your floor. I want more from my starters than that. As a flex play on a bye week, or an injury replacement, he’s ok.

As I said, it’s a gamble. I would expect that Moore’s production will become better again. The only question is when. Maybe he’ll have his season breakout this weekend and you’ll be glad you started him. Or maybe he’ll have yet another weak showing.

@edmcgon made a good argument against Curtis Samuel. I was blinded a bit by the fact that the Eagles allowed the Lions to score 5 TDs in week 1. But 3 of them were scored on the ground, and the Lions’ overall passing stats were quite pedestrian. I looks like the Eagles have a solid pass defense going. I wouldn’t be scared to start Samuel, but indeed, Garrett Wilson may have the higher ceiling this week.

Still, I just don’t trust the Jets…

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Fair enough. But I expect the Jets to beat more than beat them. Too many weapons.


Looks like nobody’s going to hire you on as a talent scout any time soon.