Last minute waiver considerations

Watch how Howellitzer throws the shell.
He doesn’t throw the same pretty ball as say Herbert - because of how hard he throws it - but the power is all there and are often on ropes. It’s so hard, it makes them flutter sometimes at targets end.

In the video the DT bats the ball at the line and it just sails through his big mitt and continues the spiral through to the catch by Dotson for about 20. Remember, this is a guy who was throwing 8.9 ypa in short stint last season and even if that goes down to 8.0… you have a situation, So unless Purdy is still there and you haven’t much at your QB2 position, you could do worse. Only J.Love is the other one in contention to this skill set and opportunity and may also be on the waiver.

So what’s the last minute waiver consideration?

You think people might not like the QB they drafted enough to pick someone up off of waivers to start instead?

I do like TE Mayer as a 2nd TE, soon to be a starter.

I don’t remember the last time there were so many quality late sleepers. This draft was very deep but week on top. Next year, the opposite.

Only time will tell. Just ask all the people who drafted R.Wilson last year. How many weeks would you have waited until you pulled the flush lever? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It usually takes a few weeks for people to give up on players they drafted, but I wouldn’t consider that a “last minute” waiver consideration, as if I was trying to flush him before the season even starts.

Just think of how many people went with one of those 3 (R) QB’s as their back-ups or for Super Flex. Young (19%), Stroud (10%) & Richardson (85%) rostered. As opposed to Purdy (53%), Howellitzer (22%) & Lovey Dovey (31%) rostered in YahoO leagues. :roll_eyes: