Kelce Trade: Dynasty

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I am a contending team. Would you do this trade?

I trade:
Mike Williams
26’ 3rd round

Calvin Ridley
26’ 1st


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Yes is the easy answer for me.

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No. Why are you trading draft picks 2 years away?

While Ridley is an upgrade over Williams, you’re sacrificing Kelce to get him. Unless you are planning to draft a TE this year? Engram is no long term solution, and he’s a downgrade from Kelce.

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs

Did you finally make the leap to draft Travis Kelce with your first-round pick? If so, I’m sorry for the season that ensued. Things started alright once he made a return from a knee injury in Week 2 — well, OK, more than alright — as he finished as a top-five fantasy tight end in all but one of his first six games. From Week 8 onward, things started to stall out ever so slightly, before the giant hammer of lack of production that would doink fantasy managers over the head in the postseason.

Through the fantasy playoffs, Kelce averaged just 5.1 fantasy points per game, having ranked as the overall TE26 in that span, scoring fewer points than Cardinals TE Elijah Higgins, Dolphins TE Durham Smythe and Broncos TE Lucas Krull (who?).

Travis Kelce headshot
Travis Kelce
TE - KC - #87

2023 - 2024 SEASON











All things considered, fantasy managers perhaps should have been warier of Kelce’s age (he turned 34 back in October), if for no other reason than his body might not respond as well to the bumps and bruises sustained throughout the season. He started the year at less-than-100% health to begin with, having entered the season battling through a bone bruise that forced him to miss Week 1 before eventually going on to suffer an ankle injury in Week 5, though he missed no time for it.

Even if he did let us down in 2023, however, Kelce’s given us years upon years of top-end production, so it’s hard to stay mad at him even if he’s no longer in his “Worthy of a First-Round Fantasy Pick" era.

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Yes, but a 1st round pick in 2 years? And Evan Engram will be 30 this year, so he’s no youth.

We have the 2 year pick trade in our 3 leagues but I shut it down as nothing but a potential problem.

KC is expected to dial back Kelce’s play early to save him and at 35 in Oct. more injuries are likely. Their receivers are a puzzle with Rice’s suspension for 1 to 6 games or wait for the courts until 2025, Worthy taking half or a year to pick up this O and the Hollywood question. I stay off Kelce.

I no big fan of Engram but he had more targets and catches with 10 fewer points last year and the safer play.

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Engram NEVER reached Kelce’s peak. He’s a decent TE, but Kelce still has more upside, even at his age. But even if you assume Kelce is washed up, where’s the 2025 pick? A 2026 pick should only be traded in a complex trade, and this isn’t it.

There is no rule on using a 2 year ahead pick in trade. Each league can do what they like.

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I know there’s no rule against it, but why use only picks 2 years from now?

I think raising the keeper cost 2 rounds and restricting who you can keep is silly as well but if they are happy good for them.

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Getting rid of Kelce when you’re contending, even though he had a slightly off-year, is ridiculous. when he played, he helped you win games, period.

It’s like Devon Achane. Sure, his season numbers weren’t impressive, but when he was healthy he won me games.