TKelce for JMixon or others?

12-team, 1/2PPR, redraft

The team that has TE Kelce has basically no RBs. What is a fair offer from me, what is too much?

I offered Hunter Henry plus RWhite and IPacheco. But if declined, should I offer JMixon, (RWhite or IPacheco) and HHenry for Kelce? Too much?

QB - LJackson
RB - JMixon, KWalker, KyrenWilliams, IPacheco, RWhite, BRobinson, ZCharbonnnet, JWarren
TE - Hunter Henry
WR - JJ, GWilson, CSutton

You’re giving up bodies but little talent. Go for it as start shopping WR.

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Well, Joe Mixon is pretty solid…wouldn’t say he has “little talent”. But I’m ok adding on any of the lower RBs.

Ha yeah, I’ve missed on some WR waivers. ARogers really hurt my GWilson pick, otherwise I’d be OK. I may need to trade a RB for a WR at some point, haven’t found a good target yet.

I saw his drop last year and traded him. It is no different. He is a borderline OK RB who can give you 50- 60 yards, maybe up to 4 ypc and team induced scores.

Just my view.

Kelce is a TE. Relax.

I have not seen you before. What’s the run down?

I have 2 hybrid keeper leagues of 8 and 10 with something else starting next year.

Also, FP dropped the forum access from the main page. How did you end up here?

Me? Just jumped in, looking for thoughts on my trade offer. Longtime player in redraft leagues.

From the FP ROS rankings page, on the left menu all the way at the bottom is a link to ‘forums’. Also to ‘fantasy chat’ which goes to a Discord. Seems Discord is getting more activity than this forum.

Welcome, you seem very knowledgeable. If you have any interest in stepping up to keepers let me know.

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Yeah, Axe Elf is about the only reason to come to these forums any more.