Keepers for 2022-2023: Knox/Freiermuth/Carter/Tagovailoa (Keep 2)

I am in a 12 man keeper league and I can’t make up my mind on who to keep for next season. Knox, Freiermuth & Tagovailoa options will only cost me my 10th round pick. Knox has been great but Freiermuth has huge upside potential. I thought of keeping Michael Carter already for my other keeper pick costing a 6th round pick. Thoughts on which two players to keep?

Keeping Carter is a good call. He is in RB2 territory already, so spending a 6th on him is cheap.

I see the dilemma between Knox and Freiermuth. I think Muuuth will be the steadier option for the next years, but we have no idea who will throw him the ball next year. Knox is in a steady passing offense, but the wide receiver room may be revamped next year. Both are solid options for a 10th. Flip a coin.

Tua for a 10th isn’t expensive, but not a bargain, either. I’d probably ditch him and reach for a better option in next year’s draft.

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Thanks for your feedback! I agree on the Carter choice so he will be my for sure keeper. I might have to just flip between Knox and Muth haha. The fact we don’t know who Pit is going to grab next at QB is what I am worried about but a rookie QB would love to have a reliable TE to dump off passes to as they get used to the system.

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That is my thinking exactly.