3rd Keeper Help!

Full PPR need to decide between these two, Already keeping Cooks and St, Brown.

Conner in the 5th
Freiermuth in the 20th

Conner gives me a lock at a decent RB2/Flex but I dont trust that team one bit.

Freiermuth gives me a safety net if I dont get a top WR and frees up my first 9 rounds to go best available. We start 6 IDPs as well.

I hope you meant top TE.

You can almost draft Conner in the 5th, couldn’t you?

Keeping Brandon Cooks? Or did you mean Dalvin Cook?

Probly gonna end up keeping Muth, but ugh, keeping a low-end TE1 isn’t that exciting, even for a 20th round pick.

Yes, meant TE my apologies… and yeah figure 36 players are off the board to start so Conner will likely go somewhere in the 4-5 range but i guess it would be more of just knowing i have him. I do feel like it could handcuff me from taking a better player at a diff position.

The other keeper is Brandin Cooks

I’d probly keep Conner over Cooks, even if you’re getting Cooks dirt cheap.

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