Keepers (Chubb Round 1 or Burrow Round 4)

Should I keep Chubb as my keeper in round 1 or Burrow in round 4? 12 Team PPR.

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No other options? If it’s not a SuperFlex league, it’s kind of a waste of a keeper to keep a QB, and Chubb in the first round is no bargain either; basically just market value.

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Only other options i see are Higgins round 2?

Again, pretty much market value.

Don’tcha have some late round flyer that bloomed into a reasonable WR3 or something?

Donovan Peoples-Jones in round 13?

Raheem Mostert round 13?

That’s axually tempting for a PPR league. Unless they sign Dalvin Cook or something, Mostert is currently the Dolphins’ RB1, and has been chirping about how excited he is to be more involved in the passing game.

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Raheem Mostert had more PPR fantasy points in 2022 than Jonathan Taylor, Cam Akers, AJ Dillon, Antonio Gibson, Dameon Pierce, Rachaad White, or Isiah Pacheco.

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should we be nervous that he could be traded if they decide to go after Cook?

I dunno if he would be traded, but it would certainly torpedo his fantasy value if they sign Cook.

So it’s a gamble, and in all fairness, Mostert is usually available really late in drafts anyway–but he has more potential relative to his draft equity, even at fair market value, than your early-round guys.

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Welcome aboard!

We need more info. Specifically, which pick do you have? If your pick is 1.01, then Chubb might not be a good keeper. If he’s 1.12, he’s not bad.

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As Ed mentioned, Chubb is a legit 1st IF you cannot get better than him.

Miami drafted Achane who HC McD loves. He will get heavy usage and likely be #1 by mid season without Cook. Mostert is old and a wasted keeper.

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I thought jeff wilson was the dolphins rb1?

Glad to be of service, then!