1/2 PPR Keeper Options, 2 Gotta Go!

Here’s the scope:

  • 10 team - QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, WR/TE, Flex
  • 1/2 PPR
  • 2 Keepers

Here are the options, choose 2 (Leaning Chubb and Williams):

  • DK Metcalf for a 5th
  • Mike Williams for a 7th
  • Kyle Pitts for a 4th
  • Nick Chubb for a 9th

Chubb is a safe bet. The other 3 are close. Can you keep the keepers for as many seasons as you like, and does their value change? Long-term, Pitts would offer the best value. Short-term, Williams is a good option, too.

Pitts without having to think and the second depending on projected need.

Chubb and the 4th is way too early to be taking a TE, and Metcalf doesn’t have a QB, so Williams is the 2nd by process of elimination.

The first one I would keep without reservation is Pitts. He is more WR than TE, and to get that kind of production at TE makes him more valuable.

Williams is too inconsistent for my tastes. Sure, he has some serious upside, but his floor weeks are painful. Plus he’ll be 28 in October. His age is limiting his future value.

Chubb isn’t the worst injury risk, but he has had them, not having played a full season since 2019. Also, he is 26. The clock is ticking on him. But here’s the thing: You will NEVER get elite production from him. Sure, he has a rock solid floor. His usage in the receiving game is minimal (his best year was 36 catches in 2019). The best thing for Chubb here is the low cost: His ADP is 15th overall, which puts him in the 2nd round.

Don’t eliminate DK Metcalf from consideration. If he is looking at Geno Smith as his QB, he did just fine during the games Smith subbed for Russell Wilson last season. Metcalf is young (24), and he did put up 12 td’s last year with sub-optimal QB play. Metcalf is a solid alpha WR, who will perform no matter the QB. Also, if Geno Smith faceplants this season, Metcalf could be looking at an even better QB next year.

Overall, Metcalf gives you some solid floor short-term, and some strong upside long-term. It might be worth the gamble. But with RB’s at a premium, Chubb’s value here is unmistakable, even if he isn’t going to give you much upside.