Keeper question would you keep Russell Wilson vs DK Metcalf with the 1st pick?

I am in a 10 team PPR with 1st overall pick in the draft. I have one keeper and the best option is to keep Russell Wilson in the 6th round or I can keep DK Metcalf in the 4th round. This league covets QB’s and tends to draft them much higher than most leagues. If I keep Wilson I have the freedom to take Mcaffrey and come back get two top WR options later in the 2nd and 3rd. I could also take Mahommes and keep DK in the 4th and pick up 2 good RB’s in the 2nd and 3rd. tough call any thoughts?

In a 10 team single-QB league, you should place approximately the same value on the QB position as you would on the K and D positions (and the TE position, for that matter)–that is, you should ignore them until at least the double-digit rounds.

Keep Metcalf in the 4th, scoop up all the best RBs and WRs you can, and then draft someone like Stafford or Cousins when you already have a roster full of studs.

Exception would be if your league offers any kind of premium scoring for passing–like .05 points per yard instead of .04, or 6 pt pass TDs, or bonuses for 300+ yards, etc. Then Patrick Mahomes and his 6000/60 becomes a lot more attractive, when the 240 fantasy points that would earn you at .04 points per yard becomes 300 fantasy points at .05 points per yard.

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