Keepers advice QB Mahomes/RB Henry/WR Chae

I am able to have two keepers. I am undecided between three.
Derrick Henry
Patrick Mahomes
Ja’Marr Chase
I hate to lose Patrick Mahomes, but feel a running back and a wide receiver will get me more points. Should I take Ja’Marr Chase over Patrick Mahomes and risk having a low level QB?

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Unless it’s a large league (and assuming you only start 1 QB) you won’t risk having a “low-level” QB–pretty much every team will have a top 10ish QB.

But yeah, Henry and Chase are like 2 of the players picked in the first half of the first round in every draft in the world, so of course you keep them.

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In dynasty or keeper leagues, Derrick Henry worries me. He doesn’t have much tread left on his tires after several years of a merciless workload. Plus he’s at the age where RB’s tend to meet the age cliff. If the Titans don’t cut back on his touches, his own body will do it for them.

Keep Mahomes and Chase and draft yourself a better (and younger) RB.

Welcome Kate, It is much easier to answer and advise with more info, What do the keepers cost? Where do you draft?

Mahomes is a value at a 5th round or more cost, On surface, Chase and Mahomes BUT, details make a difference.