Keeper Advice- Wilson and?

In a 12 team .5 ppr league with normal scoring except passing TDs are also 6pts.

We can keep three players a year for a maximum of three years per player with the pick you give up based on PY draft position.

Mahomes (2nd rnd, 3rd year)
Lamb (6th rnd, 3rd year)
Ridley (10th rnd, 1st year
Fields- 12th rnd, 1st year
Rachaad White (12th rnd, 1st year)
Garrett Wilson (13th rnd, 1st year)

Wilson is a lock and leaning towards Fields and Lamb but considering taking a flyer on Ridley since I can hang onto him if he performs.


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Lamb, Ridley and Wilson for a 6th, 10th and 13th is pretty tasty.

Fields is tempting, but with 6 pt pass TDs, his rushing TDs don’t help him as much. The 6 pt pass TDs do help Mahomes, though, so it’s way more tempting to keep him for the 2nd instead of Lamb for the 6th, just because of the positional dominance he offers.

If you only HAVE to start 2 WRs, then I would keep Mahomes with Ridley and Wilson; if you HAVE to start 3, then keeping the triplets is probly best.

You have the right picks and will still have the 2nd.

I’d keep Mahomes, Lamb, and Wilson.

With 6 pt. td’s, keeping one of the game’s most proficient td throwers is a no brainer, even with a 2nd round pick.

Lamb and Wilson speak for themselves.