Keeper question 0.25 ppr 10 team

Keep 3, $210 budget, 3 wr, 2rb, 1 flex:

Kupp for 48 (save $8 vs espn avg salary)
Davante for 48 (save $0)
AJ Brown for 37 (save $4)
Ridley for 12 (save $12)
Burrow for 19 (save $4)
Watson for 8 (save $8)

I’m leaning towards Davante, AJ Brown and Burrow; also considering Ridley for such good value and Kupp for value though the injury concerns me. Top tier players always go on auction market for way more than their value because the discounts on 3 keepers/team inflates their values in this league.

Ridley would be one for sure, I guess you mean Christian Watson? Ok. And I guess Brown? Meh. Do you HAVE to keep 3?

Do not have to keep 3, but generally is advisable because players will go for $10-15 above their espn average salary because of the inflation from keepers. For example, my guess is Davante will go for $55-60. And yes, Christian watson

I would go A J, Burrow and Watson. It is rare for me to go with an elder keeper.

Christian watson over ridley?

Oh hell to the no, and why does it have to be 20 characters?

I won a title with Ridley’s help and then he cost me for keeping him the next year.
I know him pretty well good and bad.

He is ranked 2 to 5 spots ahead of Watson by all major players who disagree with me. No mistaking the talent but, he is 28 vs 24 for Watson, has had issues and has not played for almost 2 years.

All of the above enter into my evaluation of Ridley. You decide.

Yea for sure Ridley seems risky even though the value at $12 is great. Also considering Dameon Pierce at $16 I forgot to include in original post

Good RBs are tuff to come by. Pierce is the safest pick for #3,