Keeper Quandry!

Got tied up getting kids ready to go off to College and my keeper deadline has snuck up on me. I’m at a genuine loss as to who to keep at RB. Leaning towards letting Dalvin Cook go, and not real jazzed about Hopkins with the Titans, but can’t decide between Rachaad White, Alexander Mattison, or Latavius Murray. Kinda leaning towards White?

14 team NPPR Keeper Auction league $300 salary cap

Can keep 1 of these players

Alexander Mattison $3
Rachaad White $21
Dalvin Cook $81
DeAndre Hopkins $19
Latavius Murray $10

First of all–LOL at keeping Murray! He’s like the third RB for the Bills these days.

Secondly, it’s “quandary.” Good thing your kids are getting an education.

Thirdly, Hopkins is WR, not a RB.

Of those guys at those prices you keep Mattison, and it’s not really close.

I’m aware what position Hopkins plays. It’s been a long day and I typed this on the fly, but I appreciate the input anyway. So you think Mattison over White?

I would rate them approximately equal in terms of potential performance, but for $18 less?


Yeah, I screwed that up too, again, a late night after a long day. I have White at $9, not $21. Still more expensive then Mattison though.

Mattison all day for that price.

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Right??!! :rofl:

I’ll keep Mattison. Thanks again.