Keeper League Trade Question

In a 10 team 3 keeper league. Start 2RB 3WR no flex. Have N. Chubb, S. Barkley, J. Taylor
2 offers on table:

  1. Barkley for Hopkins straight up
  2. Taylor and my 5th (41) pick for A.J. Brown and his 4th. (38) move up 3 spots in what is essentially the first round since first three rounds are keeper rounds.

Giving essentially a 2nd and a 5th for a 2nd and a 4th sounded like a good deal, until I read closer to realize your 5th is only 3 picks later than his 4th. Since Taylor is probly at least 3 picks higher than Brown, you’re probly losing value in that deal.

The first question asks if you should give a late first round player for a mid second round player, so unless you really need the WR help, I’d hold onto Barkley.

Of the three, Taylor is definitely the one to trade, as he is the most overvalued right now. If you could get Hopkins for Taylor, that would be a go.