Keeper League Question (full ppr): AJ Dillon in 9th or Hurts in 13th?

In my league we are allowed to keep one player each year in the round we drafted them in previous year minus one round. It’s just a one QB league with RB,RB,WR,WR,FLEX,FLEX, TE positions. Full PPR.

I’ll try to stop laughing long enough to point out that in a single QB league, QBs are approximately as valuable as Ks and Ds. Would you keep the Dallas Defense in the 13th?

Keep the player with some value.

I would go with the better value in Hurts who will be drafted by the 7th round and many have as the #5 QB.

Dillion has talent but still not a starter on his own team.

Those are not only the drafters who still think that Hurts has a chance to start all season, but also drafters who would take a QB before the double-digit rounds.

Don’t be a member of either group.

Perhaps not, but he is, however, a co-starter on his own team.

I am a member of my own group who says Hurts is the better value and it is not close…

You’re half right–it really isn’t that close between a skill player and a QB/DST/K.

Your name is missing from the league sign up.

My name is missing from many league sign ups. They usually manage to get through the season without me though.