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Dynasty Fantasy Football

I’m in a dynasty auction 12-man league and I’m torn about which two players to keep:

  1. Johnathon Taylor - $60
  2. Cam Akers - $6
  3. Javonte Williams - $20

$200 budget in a league with 2 flexes and half PPR.

Taylor of course is the no-brainer.

But the oft-injured Akers for 70% less than the Broncos RB of the future, with Russell Wilson now at the helm? That is a tough question…

I think gun to my head for dynasty I’m leaning Williams.

If you told me I could have Taylor and Williams in a redraft auction league (let alone a dynasty league) and still have $120 left for the rest of my team, I’d shake your hand on the spot.

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Got to agree with the Elf here.

Agree, no choice here.

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