Keeper Help. Pick one

Keep R. Penny I’m the 15th or C. Sutton in the 5th? Already keeping Etienne in the 9th.

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You could almost draft Penny in the 15th if you want him–but you CAN draft Sutton in the 5th (at least in 10 team leagues–he has an ADP of 45.41)–so I guess you keep Penny, and hope he’s your RB4.

Thanks. What I am seeing on Sutton is somewhat confusing. I constantly see him ranked in the top 35 overall but still being drafted in the 5th round. I move him up little because of the players ranked ahead of him being kept by other teams. So keeping him may give me one round of equity. Obviously Penny provides more equity. If Walker was healthy, I would punt on Penny. But if he is gonna have the backfield to himself for half the year (or at least until he gets injury), it may be the way to go.

It’s safe to say Penny will do well when he plays. I’d take the 15th round shot at him. But I’d look for a better RB in the draft.

If you care about post-2022… I don’t expect Penny to carry much value beyond this year. Walker is coming, and Penny has been too inconsistent to be handed much on another team.