Keep Akers or Sutton (or Neither)?

12 team half-ppr keeper (up to 4) league

Keeping Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Justin Jefferson

Should I keep Akers or Sutton (or draft best available at pick 48)?

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You can keep Akers for a reasonable price at that pick (Akers ADP is at the 38th pick). For Sutton, you could wait and see what’s available there, since he is typically going with the 51st pick.

The question here is how many RB’s do you start in this league, including flex positions? If you only start 2, then you already have your starters locked down. You could try other positions, depending on what is available.

That #48 pick value will drop a bunch when you delete all the other keepers,
Akers, at worst, is a top flex and RB insurance or you can trade for a higher pick.

A week ago I’d have said to keep Akers. His ongoing health problems and rumblings of a full-blown RBBC for the Rams have become more of a concern lately.

Right now I’d only keep your 3 first-rounders.