K Allen on waivers

Someone dropped Keenan Allen on waivers today…I dont see him playing this week…worth picking up for ROS?

Depends on whom you have to drop for him. Rashod Bateman? Go for it. Cooper Kupp? Certainly not.

Allen is a risk/reward pickup. Of course, his potential is huge, and the Chargers need him badly. But he is obviously not healthy, and how good he will really be once he returns remains to be seen.

I could drop Curtis Samuel or Pickens….

He is a top talent with risk. Mike Williams comes back in 3 weeks and can again form a “Dynamic Duo” or not. I take that chance.

I’d drop Samuel then. The Commanders are in pretty bad shape, and Samuel’s production shows it.

Pickens had a terrible week 8, but that was against the Eagles, who also managed to shut down the likes of Justin Jefferson. Pickens has a pretty soft ROS schedule. I’d keep him.

But Keenan Allen for Curtis Samuel - yeah, I’d take that risk.

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there is a possibility where he can just be sidelined for like a month…but we have IR spots so maybe I can put him there…

Ok…someone beat me with faab and picked up Allen and dropped K. Toney.

think he has upside moving on in KC offense??

No doubt, I got Toney right after the trade.

Yes. Pick him up. Great for stretch run.

Oops. NeverMind.