Keenan Allen - Covid

I can start Claypool tonight to be safe or should I wait to see if Allen is cleared to play Sunday?
My thinking is I start Claypool and Allen ends up playing, I could plug in into a flex spot. I’m more concerned about Claypool producing anything worthy…
Wanted to know what some of you thought. Thanks!

I’m not sure you are safe if you start Claypool tonight…

What are your other options, in case you keep Claypool benchend and Allen will not be cleared in time for Sunday?

I picked up MVS (GB WR). But I already have Davante Adams. Have to start 2 WR’s and have 2 flex spots. If I wait and Allen doesn’t play, I’d be left with both GB WRs or hit the waiver but there’s not much there honestly. Really comes down to hoping Allen plays or deciding if I like Claypool over MVS… The Thursday game doesn’t help!

I’d take a gamble on Claypool. He has better upside, although I grant you he hasn’t showed it much lately.

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