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What to make of the Justin Fields trade to Pittsburgh?

Even with Russell Wilson there, Fields becomes the QB1. Wilson is washed up, and has been for several years. At this point, Wilson is nothing more than an insurance policy against the mistaken idea that Fields is a bust.

Truth is, NOBODY can succeed in Chicago as QB. The “windy city” makes it impossible for any QB to have regular success there. This is why I expect Fields to thrive in Pittsburgh. Considering Pittsburgh’s history with WR’s, we know they will give any QB plenty of support, even considering the recent trade of Diontae Johnson to Carolina.

I’d make Fields a “buy” at this point.

Fields is certainly not a QB 1. So where do you rank him and what do you offer to pay? Pitt is a mess.

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Chicago wasn’t a mess? If anything, Pittsburgh is a step up. You also forget that Fields brings a lot of rushing upside.

The last dynasty trade value chart, dated March 13th, has him rated between Dak and Tua, although that was still with Chicago. I think that’s a fair evaluation. I will put a caveat on that: This is assuming he wins the starting job. I can’t see Russell Wilson beating him out, but you never know with Mike Tomlin. If Tomlin decides to play head games with Fields, anything is possible.

As for what would I trade for him? Probably a late 1st round pick.

Wilson was promised to start and don’t see that changing before mid season earliest if it does. It may be a redshirt year.

Then he is a FA looking for a huge raise.

I take many a risk with players but would not wih him unless very desperate or he was really cheap.

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He’s no riskier than any rookie QB we draft this year.

1 year vs 4 to start.

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We’ve seen what Fields can do. How many Ryan Leafs do we have in this year’s draft?

We’ve seen in fantasy. The NFL is far from sold on him.
I see him having trouble finding a team next year and playing time this year.

A 6th rounder? SMH

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No. He, like to many black QBs take to much time to process the ‘Field’. It’s why only two have ever won a SB. Wilson was a hungry outlier, in an excellent situation. While Doug Williams took over for the injured starter, didn’t play well after Washington’s solid start, but the team did well enough to get into the playoffs, where he stepped up his play a bit to get one.

Guys like S.Curry and Mahomes have a special mulatto mix that allows them to have that above the shoulders meets below the shoulders hybrid, in addition to their dad’s professional pedigrees. J.Love is another short term example of this point and am glad my Packers drafted him. :relieved:

I would put $500 against Fields ever pro bowling or $1,000 against all-pro; both for his whole career. I would even give someone 2-1 odds as well. :person_shrugging:

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I would bet that Fields has a better year than Caleb Williams, assuming Fields starts over Wilson.

No way. Williams will have way more collective talent around him. I’m still apprehensive on whether Fields will even earn the starting job. I also think that Kmet hasn’t hit his ceiling yet because of Fields.

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NO QB will succeed in Chicago. Consider the last decent qb to play there was Jim McMahon. The last franchise qb they had was Sid Luckman! Fields wasn’t the problem. My theory is the Chicago winds make it impossible for qb’s there.

No less than half of Bears games aren’t even played in Chicago, and you can see these statistical splits - YahoO does a good job of this. Other QBs do just fine playing there. It wasn’t so long ago when Rodgers knew he wouldn’t be returning as a Packer he laid into them, telling them how much he [and the Packers] dominated them over his career. You don’t have to have a top tier QB to win a title, you just have to have a competent one and build an elite defense, with a great running game. This will be unlikely to form a dynasty, but it can get an occasional SB victory.

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Jay Cutler had a fine career in Denver. He went to Chicago, and his career died there. Coincidence? I think not.

Not even close. He spent his first 3 seasons in Denver, while only the primary starter for the last of those 2. He then wanted more $$ than he was worth, so they dealt him to Chicago, where his career averages (all though a short sample size) were comparable in both places. Today, Cutler would be a backup. His career averages are similar to what Wilson did in Denver.

Cutler’s T.D. & INT% were each .3 higher in Chicago. His QB rating was only 1.9 higher in Denver, again, with a short sample size. :person_facepalming:

The truth is he wanted out of Denver after he met new coach Josh McDaniels. Considering Josh’s history, I can’t blame him for that.

As for stats, consider his last season in Denver: 4526 passing yards, 25 td’s and 18 picks, with an 8-8 record. For a third year qb, not bad at all. He never had that many passing yards again. While he did exceed his pass td total, he also threw too many picks in those years. If Cutler had a flaw, his years in Chicago showed it to be interceptions. But that didn’t derail Brett Favre’s career, did it?

Favre was a stalwart at QB, had won a SB in his 5th year starting for GB, while going to another in his 6th and Favre has a career T.D.% of 5.0% - not 4.6%, but with the same career INT% as Cutler.

Picked a bad comparison to because Favre would be playing on a lot of the same fields - and there for weather - against each other as well. In Favre ‘s’ 19 years starting, he had 30+ T.D. seasons 9 times - a feat Cutler didn’t achieve once in his collective 11 seasons as a starter. :person_shrugging:

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As Favre got older, he also got more arrogant. Did you notice how his interceptions went up over the years? He lost his game management skills to his own arrogance.

As for Cutler, spending the better part of his career in Chicago didn’t do him any favors. Who knows what he could have done in a better city?