Amon ra and Pierce for JT

Hey guys, I’m 5-3 and someone offered me JT for amon ra and Pierce, I give up Pierce and amon ra , my rb after trade will be Henry, Kamara, JT and Stevenson, and my wr will be jjettas aj brown Godwin and mike will. It seems risky but I’m not sure, I am really considering it though.

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Just compare JT and Pierce for their results this season. (I’m assuming half PPR)



And you want to give away Amon Ra too?

Step away from that “accept” button. Don’t do it man!

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Are we talking Dameon Pierce the HOU RB here, or Alec Pierce the IND WR?

If Alec, it would be a rather weak trade.
If Dameon, it would be a terrible trade.

Full ppr, I made the trade, Pierce wasn’t starting for me as I already have Henry Kamara and Stevenson, and my wr situation is totally fine and still pretty stacked , I made the trade because I liked JTs upside and I’m in a position to do so. Still kind of a dumb trade at this very moment but I was bored and weighed pros and cons, if this trade hurts me, I’m still left with 3 elite rb and a great wr trio.

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It was Indeed dameon lol, if you saw my team you might understand further as to why I made the trade, my wr are great even without amon ra (who has honestly been fucking me lately) and Pierce never touched my starting lineup as I have Henry Kamara and Stevenson who I all value more. Idk man, seems bad for me in this moment but if JT starts playing well I’ve got a team comparable to the 2017 Golden state warriors.

Kids today…

You haven’t even mentioned your QB’s or TE’s? Why strengthen a strong position, when a weaker position remains?

My QB is mahomes and TE is mark andrews…… lol, dak on the bench

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Still a bad trade ?:grimacing:

Why are you asking me for advice?! You drafted the '72 Dolphins! You wanna trade Csonka, go ahead!


Nope. Still a terrible one.

You liked JT’s upside from last year. Which he hasn’t shown this year at all, except for a good week 1. Right now, he’s getting outperformed by Nyheim Hines.

What makes you think that will happen this year?

As I wrote in another JT thread just the other day:

Sorry to say, man, but you are that kind of owner.

If it gives you a good feeling to have last year’s #1 RB on your bench and never start him because he stinks this year, then more power to you! There’s nothing wrong with playing fantasy just for fun.

But then why did you come here asking for advice?

My league mate that I made the trade with is 2-6, not coming anywhere near playoffs, me however have a shot at going all the way, you’re completely ignoring the rest of my roster, that’s why I made the trade, I was in a position to make that risk, If it doesn’t workout then oh well, I’ll just throw Godwin or Stevenson in my flex :skull:

Because it doesn’t make one bit of a difference for this trade. You didn’t fill any needs here. You just traded 2 startable players away to acquire a non-startable one.

That remains a terrible trade, even if the players you traded away weren’t starters for your team. The trade still made your team worse. You traded away a WR and an RB who are easily good for 15 points per game each, to acquire an RB who is good for 7.

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Alright fair enough, league mate just offered me jamar for JT, I’m 5-3, jump on that asap?

Chase? Last status on him:

Chase has a hip fracture and torn labrum, an injury that comes with a 4-6 week timetable. Not going on IR suggests the Bengals think Chase can return before then.

Remember Joe Mixon 2 years ago? They kept him off IR even though he didn’t play after October 18th. The Bengals have been known to play these kinds of games with their star players, probably to keep other teams guessing when the player might be back.

I’d avoid Chase in redraft this year.

Looks like your league mates realized the potential in trading with you.

At least, this trade could make some sense. But it’s a complete gamble. There’s no doubt Chase is good when he plays. But, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t. And we don’t know when he’ll be back. If we are lucky, it will be week 11, after the Bengals’ BYE. But I strongly doubt it. Might as well be week 13/14, which means you’ll hardly get any production from him during the regular fantasy season.

But barring any setbacks, he should be back for the fantasy playoffs, and could be a factor there. So overall, the chances that Chase will help your team this season are a little higher than for JT to do the same.

It’s a risk/reward trade. Not a must-do, but a can-do.