Javonte Williams Value

Lost JW for the year, but need to fill my flex spot.

What would be a decent return for him in a keeper/dynasty league?

I have an offer for Hunter Renfrow.


Javonte Williams in dynasty is probly still worth a blue-chip type player in return–more like CeeDee Lamb or AJ Brown than Hunter Renfrow.

It’s not a good idea to trade Javonte now. People will offer you pennies for the dollar for a player who will still be a top 10 RB next year.

You will have to keep him and a find a replacement on the waiver wire. Hunter Renfrow won’t come even close to JW’s projected production. So he won’t close the gap Javonte left behind. But you would lose a ton of dynasty value if you made that trade.

A fair buy-low offer would be Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon or maybe Austin Ekeler. But of course, nobody will trade you these players for Williams, unless any of their owners are 0-4 and looking for a rebuild.


Denver Broncos RB Javonte Williams suffered a potentially serious knee injury in the third quarter. The replay showed William’s knee hyperextending and shifting laterally. My main concerns are a bone bruise and a meniscus PCL or ACL tear. He will undergo further testing on Monday, but I fear he is going to miss significant time.

Update: Williams’ MRI revealed that he suffered a torn ACL in addition. to a torn LCL and posterior lateral corner. Research shows the return-to-play rate is 64% for NFL players, but return to preinjury levels is just 30% for those suffering a multi-ligament knee injury.

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To use the Bronco analogy, it’s time for JW to go to the glue factory! :rofl:

Sorry, I’m a Raider fan. The ineptitude of the Broncos in recent years makes my team look good.