Jalen Hurts? Is he real?

While we have to love Jalen Hurts rushing potential, can he match Lamar Jackson for passing potential? At this point, I have to say this is still a question mark. With the 36 passing td’s in 2019, and 26 in 2020, Jackson is still head and shoulders above Hurts. Hurts only had 6 passing td’s in 4 games started, out of 15 games played.

Hurts has huge upside, but I can’t guaranty his performance. Caveat emptor.

What Hurts did last year under an entirely different coaching staff with an offense designed for Carson Wentz should have little impact on what he does this season.
The Eagles had a completely injured and horrible offensive line, lacked decent RB play and started Travis Fulgham and Greg Ward at WR last season.
Hopefully the new coach provides the kid some blocking, uses their three RBs in a useful committee so he’s not always in third and long and Devonta Smith immediately proves to be elite.
And having an off season to take it all in should be invaluable for a young QB.

Why does he have to match Lamar Jackson when he’s being taken 4-5 rounds after Lamar?

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Basically the writing is on the wall for Hurts.

He was the choice of the previous coaching administration. The current coaching administration signed a SuperBowl MVP QB to compete with him in camp, and played Flacco’s wheels off in the preseason. I guess they weren’t satisfied, because then they entered talks with Houston to trade for embattled QB Deshaun Watson, but the Texans wanted too much. So then they DID trade for Gardner Minshew, who is axually a much better QB for guys like Reagor and Smith than Hurts is.

So once Minshew learns the playbook and gets up to speed–like say, October–Hurts won’t be a starting NFL QB any longer.

I am talking long-term, not necessarily this season. But the comparison to Lamar is natural, based on Hurts’ running skills.

You thought AxeElf knew everything.
They didn’t trade a sixth rounder for Minshew for him to unseat their starter who was just drafted 53rd overall.
Trading for Deshaun Foster is totally different because Foster is actually a talented franchise QB.

Minshew is just a very cheap, experienced backup. He’s making less than $1 mil and cost a sixth rounder. They got him for nothing. He’s not any writing on anything. In fact he’s written in pencil.
If and when he can unseat 36 year old washed up Flacco for the backup job he’ll be worth more than what they paid. Flacco can’t move at all at this point. Nobody goes into a season with just him as their backup. Theyd even have to change their whole offense if the oft running Hurts got injured. Minshew is a younger, cheaper, more reliable backup and a better fit behind Hurts than Flacco. That’s all

They may want to eventually replace Hurts, but Gardner Minshew ain’t their dream guy.
Regardless of whether they drafted Hurts, he’s on their roster now.
They would be doing themselves a huge disservice to devalue a player drafted 53rd overall for anything less than a franchise talent replacement. He hasn’t even been given an off-season until now!
This regime just chose Hurts over Wentz! They clearly don’t hate Hurts as much as you’re saying!

You’re saying they bought an used Fiesta for $1k and are planning on replacing their new Fusion with it.

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Can’t wait for the start of “Oh Wow, Axe Elf Was Right All Along” season!