Fields or Hurts?

Justin or Jalen? Tough decision.

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I’ve asked myself that same question. The answer is Hurts.

First, Hurts is a better passer than Fields, averaging 246 pass ypg to 149 pass ypg. Hurts has 1.6 pass td’s to Fields’ 1.2. Hurts throws fewer picks, 0.3, to Fields’ 0.7.

Second, while Fields is the superior running QB, arguably even better than Lamar Jackson, that running ability hasn’t translated to passing success like it has for both Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts.

Third, the overall average fantasy points per game. Hurts leads this category 24 to 21.

Lastly, while Fields has been on a hot streak these last several weeks, his passing numbers haven’t really improved. His best passing yards over the last 3 weeks was 167 yards, against Detroit. Granted, he had over 40 fantasy points that game, but most of that was from his legs.

Could Fields eventually surpass Hurts? Certainly. But right now, I’d rather have Hurts.

Hurts, I am benching Fields until I see him perform with his injury.

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