Jalen Hurts debate

Regarding this article, " The Great Debate: Jalen Hurts" (The Great Debate: Jalen Hurts (2021 Fantasy Football) | FantasyPros), ultimately I agree with Joe Pisapia’s view, specifically the part where he points to Hurts as a great superflex option. In single QB format, Hurts is just too risky, although he could be a decent streaming option.

For me, the main problem with Hurts is lack of surrounding talent. Davonta Smith is nice, and Zach Ertz/Dallas Goedert are good TE’s, and Miles Sanders is a decent RB, but none of them is “exceptional”. It remains to be seen whether Hurts can make the other skill positions better, or will he need them to make him better? It’s a gamble, and one that might even pay off. But best to keep him as an option and not your main alternative.

I currently have Hurts ranked as my QB15, versus the ECR of QB9.