I picked 3 Titans players. Should I trade one?

During my draft I was distracted watching my little baby boy, and I didn’t realize I drafted 3 players from the Titans. Derek Henry, AJ Brown, and Tannehill. Think I should trade one? Also thinking about packaging miles sanders with the trade he is my rb2

You should always trade a player if you can get a better player or one that fits your needs better.

And of course any time you’re presented with an opportunity to purge Miles Sanders from your roster, you’re almost always better off taking it.

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i whole heartedly agree with AxeElf.

Even on Miles Sanders.

The Titans will play the Texans twice. And the Jags twice.
And if last years version of Carson Wentz is on the Colts, he should set up the Titans offense a bunch too.

If you do trade one, the better question is: Which one? You’ll get the most value for Henry in a trade. On the other hand, if you are just trading one to get him off your roster, then Brown might get you some value without hurting you with his loss. You just won’t get too much for Tannehill because most people undervalue him, so you’re better off keeping him.

But should you trade one of them? Only if you can get equal or better value in return. If not, let it ride and hope for a breakout offense in Tennessee this year.