Injury Updates for Title Games

CBS up to now reports that Henry will not play. Titans will play Jax next week for the division title and this game is meaningless. Haskins is not a good play but a volume play.

Highly unlikely for Pollard to play but still game time decision.

They see D Adams as no better than a flex play if he plays with the new QB.

Jacobs is a RB2 and Raiders may play young guys.

Josh Dobbs will start as Titans QB.

J Hurts is not expected to play with Minshew having a worse match up. Mike White is a better choice IMO

I have to disagree with you there. Minshew started against Dallas, which is a much tougher defense against QB’s than New Orleans, and Minshew did just fine. Minshew makes an acceptable, albeit not as good, alternative to Hurts. Compared to Mike White, Fantasy Pros projects Minshew to be 2 points better than Mike White this week.

Mike White is my choice. We shall see who is tight.

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I rather like this challenge!

:slight_smile: The challenge is not yours but the one’s at FP whose opinions differ from mine.

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My opinion differs too.

First, both of them were backups at the beginning of the season. Second, Minshew plays for the Lamborghini offense, while White plays for a good offense, but not quite as successful.

Consider this a fantasy duel. :wink:

I have no interest in your “duel.”

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Too late! Minshew will own your White! :+1:

From what I have read, Hurts is expected to play. ???

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I will update at lunch and let you know.

Obviously, if Hurts is starting, the challenge is off. Unless @SoBe717 wants to try Mike White against Jalen Hurts? I’m up for that challenge!

Eagles HC, as of today, said he has not decided who will start ar QB. If he does not know, no one else does. End of story.

Ed, the only challenge I care about now is the one for winning a title.

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This is actually a fun little challenge. Think of it as mini-fantasy football.