Injuries Getting Scary

Does anyone remember this many injuries after just four weeks? I cannot.

We have yet to have our first bye and waiver lists are already dwindling.

I am also overly concerned of a covid hybrid morphing this coming flu season.

Your thoughts?

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This is nothing new. If anything, the injuries are lighter without the COVID losses.

Most of my teams haven’t had serious injuries, except my first year dynasty team where I had to take a bunch of players I’d never have drafted. Fortunately, I have enough young talent to fill in for the older injured players.

Oh, absolutely. Was it 2019? Football websites twittered stuff like “Fantasy injury report: all your starters are on IR”.

It’s not that terrible this year. Of course, that one owner in my dynasty league who had both Trey Lance and Javonte Williams would probably disagree with me right now.

But other than those two, what did we have, other than a few players missing a couple of games? And that happens every year.

I’m not. The mutation potential of this specific virus is pretty much exceeded. We will see a few players miss a game or two, but it won’t be nearly as bad as it was in recent years.

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Honestly, most of my teams are pretty injury-free, and it’s because I look for injury potential in players, and try to avoid high-risk players. Kyle Yates used to drive me nuts with his “you can’t predict injuries”. B.S., cause you can see the players at high risk if you really look.

That said, I do get occasional players with minor injuries who miss a week or two. But my IR slots are pretty open.

Yates is correct on that one. The 2 high-profile injuries we had this year were Trey Lance and Javonte Williams. No one predicted them.

On the other hand, Henry, CMC, Penny and Saquon are all still healthy and all in the top 20 so far. Of course, that can still change any time, but for the moment, that’s where we are.

Last year, everybody (myself included) expected James Conner to break down. He didn’t, and finished the season as a top 6 RB.

If injuries were predictable, it would be easier for NFL teams to avoid them.

We know guys like CMC and Saquon are at higher risk. Certainly, guys like Lance and Williams are unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the other injury risks for what they ar.

Hope you’re right but CDC is expecting a problem.