When to Draft a QB

Mahomes and Allen are at the top and are expected to go in the 4th round, maybe 3rd. Hurts is close in the 4th-5th.

Burrow is at 5-6 with Herbert, Jackson and Lawrence at 6-7.

I would look to not draft a QB before the 5th-6th rounds but if the top two are the best available, would go a 3rd.

No matter what I want a top 7 QB.

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If you wait until the 4th round, you won’t have Mahomes or Allen, nor probly Hurts for that matter. You might still get Burrow or Jackson in the 4th.

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Likely true but you have to play your draft as it unfolds. IF no better option I go QB in the 3rd but much more of a chance of me taking a QB in the 6th.

That may be true but QBs are going earlier and earlier every year, and with running QBs becoming more popular you may start seeing them in the 2nd and even the end of the 1st.

I can see Allen and/or Mahomes going in the second this year in some leagues.
You now need one of the top 8. I’m still going 5th or 6th.