I have the 2nd waiver spot and

Cubba and Elijah are available, is the short-term Chubba run going to be better than Mithcell’s RoS run?
My first thought is Chubba, CMc will be back eventually and Chubba will return to the bench; Mitchell could get his starting job back and keep it all year. Sermon didn’t really do anything that would not allow Mitchell to take the job back. What do you guys think?

I think Mitchell is a 6th round draft pick. I also think Sermon is a 3rd round draft pick, whom they traded up to get.

I can’t imagine that either Chuba or Mitchell will help you much ROS, but if you need a guy who will start for you in Week 4, then obviously Chuba.

If you won’t be starting Chuba this week, then I can’t imagine that you would have anyone on your roster crappy enough to drop just so you can stash one of these guys and wish (but then again, maybe you drafted Allen Robinson).

I was thinking Michael Carter would be the cut.

If winning is your goal, that would be a counterproductive move.

I wouldn’t cut Carter, as I expect he will get better as the season progresses. Any other options to cut?