Waiver Results- How Did We Do?

I thought this would be a good week and for me it was.

I took Chubba for $3, saw Carter had no bids and switched to him. I think he has a fair shot at #1, not impressed with Robinson and we have a history. I drafted him in the 16th round (last pick) as a rookie, held him for 6 weeks, hid him on waivers for a move and lost him but not bidding $1.

I got the top D for week 9 in Cinci with Dallas on bye.

I got Mike Williams for $17. He is a top 20 WR, will be back for the last few games, playoffs and next season for me or top trade value.

I’m very happy with my waiver haul.

I solidified my RB position with Gus Edwards and D’Onta Foreman. I also replaced K Younghoe Koo with K Jason Myers, the perfect Halloween kicker (If Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers had a baby…). FYI: Myers is currently the K4 in our league.

All without spending a dime.

Easy to not spend when you have no money. None the less a good week.

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