Elijah Mitchell & Sterling Shepard

I am looking at grabbing either Trey Sermon from the waiver wire or Marquise Brown. I will have to either drop Elijah Mitchell or Sterling Shepard. Need some advice on this move.

It would feel a little safer to have both Mitchell and Sermon, but I dunno if I’d drop one of the hottest WRs in the league right now to do it.

The obvious solution would be to drop your extra K, D, TE, or QB for Sermon, and then drop one of the others for Brown.

We are only allowed to have 4 WR, 4 HB, 1 Flex Startin, and 1 Flex on Bench. So in order to pick up Sermon, I would have to drop someone either Mitchell or Sheppard. Sucks.

You could have mentioned that your league was stupid from the start, so that we would know that the normal rules don’t apply.

Who the fuck are you? Lol. AxeElf can smoke pole.

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I do agree with this…That’s gonna be a lot of adding and dropping players on the waivers. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a replacement since the other teams will be in the same boat. I would keep Shepard since he is coming to work every week on time. SF’s RB is in shambles and I see them using a RBBC with all the injury’s and your pretty set on RB’s it looks like.

I’m Axe Elf, of course.

At this point, I wouldn’t drop Mitchell for Sermon, unless Mitchell gets hurt or benched. For whatever reason, Shanahan seems locked on Mitchell as his RB1a, with RB1b changing every week.

As for Shepard, you might even consider streaming him over Thielen, depending on the matchups. (although not this week)

Mitchell is hurt and doubtful for the week. Trey Sermon is predicted to start for SF tomorrow.

Key there is “for the week”. Don’t drop a starting RB cause he’s out for a week. Anyway, he’s on your bench, so you have nothing to lose.

Yeah, well I messed that up a lil bit. I dropped Mitchell for Sermon. But I have a bid to grab him next week in replace of Shepard.

If Sermon can stop getting hit in the head, that should work out well for you.