I have 5 Ravens, what should I do?

I am in a 12 man ppr extra flex league and have 5 Ravens. I obviously can’t rely on the Ravens this much, or can I? Do I trade/drop one of them, or keep It as It stands? Plz Help! I also have an open IR spot.

  1. Mark Andrews
  2. Dobbins
  3. Odell
  4. Bateman
  5. Ravens D

You could probably let it ride a little to see what Beckham and Bateman do. Package Dobbins and someone for an upgrade?

Someone reached out for dobbins, he didn’t want the package since he’s already week at RB

Yeah, Dobbins, Andrews, the D and a WR would be ok, but I’d probly give it a week or two to see which WR emerges, and then drop the other one.

Cry. :sob:

Did you actually electively draft those all? The bye weeks alone are going to kill you. QBs like Jackson and Fields don’t support 1,000 yd WRs.

At least Jackson has a new OC, so we don’t really know what he’s capable of in his new offense yet.

Trade for Flowers and ask Harbaugh to co-manage.

I really do. I’ve seeing what happens when Jackson faces a five-man press coverage and six man blitz. Or any configuration of that with a four-man press coverage, a six man blitz and a spy. :face_with_peeking_eye: Letting Jackson run an expedited hurry up offense as a field General is a bad situation waiting for a place to happen.

Fields might be able to work Moore into 4-figures if they know how to use him, because he has the talent and something left since he came into the league so young.

But you haven’t seen any of that with Jackson running the Todd Monken offense.

You’ll see dude. 3,100 yds (tops) MVP season. He blew up Andrews for over 1,300 on more than 150 targets two seasons ago, but that’s just because Andrew’s good and a hulking 6’5", 256, so you can’t miss him. Jackson does best when you only supply him with larger targets. They had that with the depth there during his MVP season with those other two TEs and pounded the ball a lot. His accuracy is okay, but his ability to read and process the field leaves me wanting. :roll_eyes:

The miraculous 9.0 y/a, passing and 6.9 per rush, for 43 a.p. TDs is a thing of the past. :person_shrugging: