Shout Out to FantasyPros

I’m in two leagues, a keeper league that has been running much longer than I’ve been in it (2023 was my third year) and a dynasty league that we had an initial draft for back in May of 23. I got the paid version of FantasyPros two years ago and upgraded to include the dynasty package this previous year, and the whole way since I started paying, FP has been my primary tool. I had a rough first season with FP, probably due in part to the fact that I waited until after the draft to subscribe.

Well, in year 2 of FP, I won both leagues.

I do recommend that if you’re going to get the upgraded package that includes dynasty (the mid-range has it; the most expensive one only adds more teams from more leagues that you can manage with FP’s input… think the limit is 5 for the mid-range package), then be sure to access the information via laptop/PC/tablet. Talked my friend into getting the same package I got, and he was hardly able to use the dynasty feature because he only uses his phone. I mean, it was great, having that one small advantage over my friend (who was in his first year of using paid FP) in dynasty, but I figure they’re doing something right here.

Now, don’t think I’m saying that you can subscribe to FP and presto you’re going to win, obviously, because you have to have a solid draft strategy (I went Hero, but I’m in PPR leagues; non-PPR is probably different), and it helps to make trades if you’re in a league that is open to much trading (my league commish has told me that me coming into the league opened it up tremendously with trading, because I was a second player willing to turn over my roster completely, which encouraged others to make trades as well).

Also, for those of you who like to wheel and deal and are stuck in keeper leagues, I strongly encourage you to look into dynasty. It’s good if you have some kind of connection to the other players (mine started from an Auburn University sports message board, and the few who aren’t members on there have become friends from chatting on Sleeper), but there’s so much more to trading when you can include draft picks.