Jefferson for Ekeler?

Half PPR Keeper, Would you trade Jefferson for Ekeler?
arris, Etienne and Mitchell at RB but not great WR’s. I can have Adams with my crew or IF Jefferson add Cook or Henry

Ekeler & Adams vs Jefferson & Cook/Henry?

Rather have Jefferson and Henry.

Me too but it is close.

Not even close. Take JJ.

Stats from last year:

JJ: 108 catches, 1616 yards, 10 td’s, 330 FP’s
Ekeler: 911 rush yards, 12 rush td’s, 70 catches, 647 receiving yards, 8 receiving td’s, 343 FP’s.

That is a 13 point difference, even though JJ “only” had half as many td’s. Prior to last year, Ekeler’s best td season was in 2019, with 11. If Ekeler returns to his 2019 form, he loses 54 points. Can JJ maintain a 10 td pace? Considering the Vikings are allegedly going to a more pass-heavy offense, do you expect their alpha WR to do worse?

And since Axel Foley wants Henry, I’ll take Cook. :wink:

Seriously though, the Vikings will be lightening Cook’s rushing workload and augmenting it with more receiving. He should last longer than Henry, who will be pounding into 300 pound linemen 30 times a game until he breaks again.

Again? You mean like the ONE time he sat out a coupla months while they screwed a plate in to his foot and then he returned for 20 carries in the playoffs? THAT time, out of his six year career? He’s missed only two other games in the other five years.

Henry is literally the definition of an ironman.

We were just talking about recency bias, too…

That time! The time when he was 27, an age when most RB’s start to decline in health.

Even iron wears out in time and enough abuse.

Not really. I was expecting this last season, which was why I traded him away in one league.

Adding confirmation bias to the recency bias.

Oh well, Henry can only have one owner in every league!

And I’ll happily let someone else pay for his medical bills!

I consider Ekeler because he is 27, at peak value and adding a 23 year old elite WR to go with an aging RB makes keeper life better and easier.

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