Hopkins for Hurts

I currently have Adams, D Hop, Lamb, as my starting WR and Olave, Davis and Toney on my bench.
My current QB is Dak.

Should I trade away D hop for Hurts? I would be giving up 2 years of keeping D hop

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any advise would be awesome. Short term i guess this would benefit me given M. Brown is coming back

I was going to say go for it. Sounds like Hopkins is a keeper in your league? If so he’s had a great career but is getting older while Hurts is only going to get better and is one of a few QBs I’d considerer keeping in a league. Might be time to cash in Hopkins for a new model!

Welcome aboard!

If I could get Hurts for Hopkins, I would do it in a heartbeat. Even if I was already sitting on Josh Allen and Justin Fields, I’d still trade Hopkins for Hurts. Then I could turn around and trade one of those QB’s for nearly any top WR or RB.

thanks ! Yea im just looking i guess to far in the future!

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I cannot imagine anyone giving up Hurts for Hopkins. IF you find such a person take advantage of him.

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Just to give you an idea, in my dynasty league, I offered Rhamondre Stevenson, Jameis Winston, and a 2nd round pick for Hurts and Tyler Allgeier. I’m not optimistic.

I made the deal… hopkins for hurts…

Lets hope Toney or olave take off now and my WR are Adams, Lamb and 1 of Davis, toney, Olave

Traded away my 2nd round and 4th round for Adams and Mixon

Lineup looks pretty good now!

QB - Hurts
WR - Adams
WR - Lamb
WR - Davis, Olave, Toney
RB - Barkley
RB - Mixon
TE - Pitts/Kemet

Next season i cant keep Adams/Barkely or Mixon… This is why i was contemplating

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You lead a blessed life.

Michael, Just so you know, you have been reported for theft. :slight_smile:

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