Going from 12 to 14 Team League

Our league has discussed adding two additional teams to our league this year.

Any ideas to make the rosters creative where the wavier wire won’t be “as” garbage or other scoring or changes to have with the extra teams.

Thanks in advance.

You offer no info on your league and why you would want to go to 14.

been around long?
Want to go to divisions?
etc, etc.

Do not mean to rain on expansion but many a time it hurts and destroys a league who did not look ahead of what is to come. JMV

I’m guessing we’re talking full redraft here.

In that case, there is no need for scoring changes. But you may want to review roster sizes. Depending on how many you have right now, if you cut 1-2 bench spots, it will keep the waiver wire more interesting.

As for the starter slots, it’s hard to say if you need to make adjustments without knowing what your current roster requirements are.

If your league offers an SFLEX spot, keep in mind that, with 14 teams, not every team will be able to start 2 QBs during the BYE weeks.


That’s a problem that takes care of itself, after the QB’s start dropping like flies around the 2nd week of the season! :laughing: