Gibbs near term future currently 2nd on depth chart?

What do you ones think about this potential deal?

D.Adams & C.Akers

For their:
D.Smith & J.Gibbs


Keep the A-team, and WHY does it have to be 20 characters???

“20 characters”? :thinking: Whatchu talking 'bout Willis? :upside_down_face:

You can’t just reply “Yes” or “Keep CMC”; a reply has to be at least 20 characters or it won’t let you post it. So whenever it kicks one back, I just tack on the question to make it long enough.

Ya, the key metric with this deal is how good will Gibbs be and how soon? Because it’s safe to assume that Smith should improve his numbers and it’s doubtful that Adams will tack on any more than he did last year, except for perhaps more catches, not to mention increased injury risk to both him (31) and Garapolo normally. There is the one other caveat with Akers in that if they regress and only give him about a dozen touches per game, compared to what he finished last season, because perhaps they’re losing with the Kupp issues, Then I dunno, seems interesting. :thinking:

If they go for it, I would jump. I’m a big Gibbs fan.